If a script add-in implements the OnSystemSettingChange event, the method receives a SystemSettingChangeData object when various system settings change.

Property Name Return Type Description



Returns a string indicating the setting that changed. Settings are:

themeThe Windows theme (visual style) has changed
colorsetOpus has changed from light to dark mode or vice versa
environmentSystem environment variables have been changed
dwmcompositionIndicates that Windows DWM composition has been turned on or off.
dwmcolorizationIndicates that Windows DWM colorization has been changed.
intlThe system locale has changed.
userinteractionmodeThe system input method has changed (from mouse to touch or vice versa). The current method can be queried via the SysInfo.TouchInput method.
spacingschemeIndicates that the UI spacing scheme has changed. The new scheme name is available in the name property. You can also query the scheme using the DOpus.spacingscheme property.
windowmetricsSystem window metrics have changed (e.g. font size).



Returns a name string for supported settings.