The Listers object is a collection of all currently open Listers. It can be obtained via the DOpus.listers property.

Note: If you are looking for a window to use as the parent for a Dialog, you are probably looking in the wrong place. Scripts should not assume that DOpus.listers(0) or DOpus.listers.lastactive are the lister which launched them. Most scripting events provide you an object which can either create a pre-configured Dialog for you or which includes a SourceTab property or similar which can do the same. In almost all situations you should use those instead.

Property Name Return Type Description

<default value>


Lets you enumerate the currently open Listers.

Do not assume that DOpus.listers(0) is the window which launched your script. See the note near the top of the page.



Returns a Lister object representing the most recently active Lister window.

Do not assume that DOpus.listers.lastactive is the window which launched your script. See the note near the top of the page.

Method Name Arguments Return Type Description




Moves one or more Lister windows to the front. This method accepts one or more arguments; each argument can either be a Lister object or a Vector of Lister objects. The last window will placed on top, and all others will be below that in reverse order.




The first time a script accesses the DOpus.listers property, a snapshot is taken of all currently open Listers. If the script then opens or closes Listers itself, these changes will not be reflected by this collection. To re-synchronize the collection, call the Update method.