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Directory Opus has a built-in FTP client that lets you access remote FTP servers as if they were local folders. You can copy, rename and delete files, create folders, and even view pictures as if they were files stored on your hard drive instead of on a remote FTP site.

There are a number of ways to connect to an FTP site in Opus:

  • You can make an ad-hoc connection using the location field. For example, to connect anonymously to the Microsoft FTP server, click in the location field and enter and press the Enter key. You can also use this method to connect with a username and password, for example:  
  • You can use the FTP Connect dialog to enter the site and user details and connect to the site.
  • You can create and maintain an Address Book of FTP sites. When a site is listed in the address book, you can connect to it using the list displayed in the FTP drop-down menu on the toolbar.

Your FTP Address Book entries can also be displayed in the folder tree and the Jump List.


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