When you are displaying the contents of a remote FTP site in the file display, you can choose the Site Properties command from the FTP drop-down menu, or right-click on the background of the file display or on the Lister's status bar, and choose the Site Properties command to view connection properties for the site.

The Site Properties dialog has a number of tabs across the top that correspond with the pages in the FTP Address Book.

Please see the various sections of the FTP Address Book documentation for information on the settings on these pages. At the bottom of the Site Properties dialog are two options that affect how changes you make through this dialog are applied:

  • Apply changes to this session only: The parameters you change will only apply to the current connection. If you connected via the address book, the original address book entry will not be modified.
  • Save changes permanently for this FTP site: If you connected to the site using an address book entry, the site entry will be updated with the new configuration. If the current connection doesn't correspond with an entry in the address book, you will be prompted for a name to create a new address book entry.


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