The Speed page lets you configure upload and download speed limits for a site entry in the FTP Address Book.

You can configure upload and download speeds separately. When the Limit Upload Speed or Limit Download Speed options are enabled, Opus will limit the transfer speed to the specified maximum rate. This lets you stop FTP transfers from hogging all your available bandwidth when connected to fast servers. You can optionally choose a time when the speed limits are applied, so for example you could have the speed limited during business hours but allow transfers to run at full speed overnight.

For both uploads and downloads, the options available are:

  • Maximum speed: Specify the maximum transfer rate in KB/s (kilobytes per second).
  • Scheduled: Turn this on to have the speed limit only applied during certain hours.
    • From: If the Scheduled option is on, use this to specify the start of the scheduled time. For example, 9:00 AM.
    • To: Use this to specify the end of the scheduled time, for example 5:00 PM.