This page lets you adjust the spacing between various elements of the user interface. You can also create spacing schemes which you can easily switch between. Opus can also be set to switch schemes automatically when your computer changes between mouse input and touch input (good for tablets).

The configured spacing schemes are shown on the left. Two schemes are defined by default - Standard and Touch. You can use the buttons at the bottom of the list to add more.

Each item in the list describes some element of the user-interface. Turning an item on enables it for that scheme, and you can configure the number of pixels as desired. The pixel values you specify are automatically scaled by your system DPI.

The drop-down at the bottom of the list lets you choose which mode the currently selected scheme activates for. By default, the standard scheme activates in mouse mode and the touch scheme in touch mode. You can turn this auto-activation off using the drop-down if desired.

If you don't want to use automatic activation, you can use the Set SPACINGSCHEME command to switch schemes manually. You would need to add this to a toolbar or menu to make use of it, as it isn't in the default menus.