This category contains options that relate to the how folders are read and displayed (including display options that can be configured for specific folders).

  • Automatic Reading: Options that affect which types of folders are automatically loaded when re-opening saved windows.
  • Folder Formats: Lets you configure the display format for specific folders, or folders containing certain types of files.
    • Automatic Formats: The display format can be automatically remembered when you change it.
  • Folder Images: Lets you configure different background images and colors for different folders.
  • Folder Sizes: Controls whether folder sizes are automatically calculated or not.
  • Network Servers: Options relating to the network server cache.
  • Special Folders: Lets you control whether special folders are treated as cloud storage or not.
  • Virtual Folders: Controls how Opus handles virtual folders like the Desktop and My Computer.
    • Desktop: Settings related to the Desktop folder.
    • File System: Settings related to virtual folders based on a real filesystem folder.
    • This PC: Settings related to the This PC folder.