As well as manually-configured folder formats, Opus can automatically remember when you make changes to the format in a file display, and restore that format next time you go to the folder.

Turn on the Remember folder formats automatically option to enable the system, and use the Remember at most field to control how many folders can be remembered.

If you navigate to a new folder and make a change to its format while Preferences is open, you'll see the folder appear in the Remembered Formats list. Older formats (those belonging to folders that no longer exist, or that you haven't visited in a while) will be removed to make way for new ones, to ensure the total number never goes above the limit you set.

Turn on the Use as the default format for all sub-folders option to have automatic formats apply to sub-folders as well as the folder itself.

If you right-click a folder in the list a context menu is shown with two commands:

  • Make Permanent converts the automatic format to a saved path format.
  • Remove removes the remembered folder from the list.

You can also use the Clear Formats button above the list to remove all remembered formats at once.