This category contains options that control file operations (copying, deleting, etc.) within Directory Opus. In most cases these only define the default behavior of the file operations - most options can be overridden at the command level with the addition of command-line parameters to the appropriate command.

  • Copying Files: General options relating to copy files.
    • Attributes: Controls which file attributes are copied by default (attributes, metadata, security permissions, etc.)
    • Confirmation: Confirmation of various things when copying (what to do when files already exist, that sort of thing).
    • Metadata: Controls if and how NTFS file metadata is copied.
    • Security: Ownership and permissions of copied files.
  • Deleting Files: Options that control what happens by default when you delete files through Directory Opus.
  • Double-click Files: A few options that control what happens when you double-click on certain files in a Lister. The File Types system controls this to a far higher degree.
    • FTP: Specific double-click options for files on FTP sites.
  • Logging: Controls whether Opus should keep a log of your file operations or not.
  • Metadata: Options relating to the editing of metadata.
  • Options: General options that didn't fit on any other page!
  • Progress Indicators: Options that control the progress indicators that Opus can show during file operations.
    • Counting Files: Controls the counting of files within folders (needed for accurate progress indicators).
    • Jobs Bar: Options relating to the Jobs Bar.
  • Renaming Files: Options that affect renaming files inline.
    • Control Keys: Configurable control keys you can push when renaming files inline (Ctrl+A for Select all, etc).