The OnScriptColumn event is the entry point for a custom column added by a script add-in. The actual name of the event is defined by the script itself, when the command is added via the ScriptInitData.AddColumn method - OnScriptColumn is merely a placeholder name.

Method Name: OnScriptColumn

Argument Type:


Return Type:



When a script add-in adds a new column using ScriptInitData.AddCommand, it specifies the name of its entry point with the ScriptColumn.method property. When Opus wants to retrieve the value of the column for a particular file or folder, Opus will call that method within your script.
The ScriptColumnData.item property provides information about the file or folder in question, and the col property identifies the column you should return data for (in case you use the one method for more than one columns).

The return value from this event is ignored - instead, you should return the column data (and optionally, sorting and grouping information) by setting the appropriate values in the ScriptColumnData object.