This is an example of a script add-in that adds a new information column to Opus.

This column, Is Modified?, indicates whether a file has been modified since it was created. This is performed by simply comparing whether the item's creation and modification dates are the same.

  • For files that have been modified, the column displays Yes, and for files that haven't been modified it displays No. Nothing is displayed for folders.
  • When sorting by this column, modified files are displayed above non-modified files.
  • When grouping by this column, the two groups are labeled Modified and Never Modified.

The basic procedure to add a custom column from a script add-in is:

  • Initialize the properties of the ScriptColumn** object. At a minimum you must populate the name and method properties. * Create a separate function in your script-add in, with the method name you specified for the column. This method will be called when Opus wants to retrieve data for your column.
// Set the script type to JScript to use this script
// The **OnInit**function is called by Directory Opus to initialize the script add-in
function OnInit(initData) {

// Provide basic information about the script by initializing the properties of the **ScriptInitData**object = "Is Modified Column";
initData.desc = "Adds a column that indicates if a file has ever been modified.";
initData.copyright = "(c) 2014 Jonathan Potter";
initData.default_enable = true; // Create a new **ScriptColumn**object and initialize it to add the column to Opus
var cmd = initData.AddColumn(); = "IsModified";
cmd.method = "OnIsModified";
cmd.label = "Is Modified?";
cmd.autogroup = false; // we provide our own grouping information
cmd.autorefresh = true; // refresh column when files change
cmd.justify = "center";
cmd.match.push_back("Yes"); // when searching, these are the only two options

// Implement the IsModified column (this entry point is an **OnScriptColumn**event).
// The name of this function must correspond to the value specified for the **method **property when the column was added in **OnInit**
function OnIsModified(scriptColData) {

// **scriptColData** is a **ScriptColumnData**object. first check that this is the right column (it should be since we only added one)
if (scriptColData.col != "IsModified")
// we don't provide a value for folders since their timestamps don't mean much
// we set the sort key to 3 so they come last (in case the user is mixing files and folders)
if (scriptColData.item.is_dir) {
scriptColData.value = "";
scriptColData.sort = 3;
// for files, are the two dates the same?
else if (new Date(scriptColData.item.create).valueOf() == new Date(scriptColData.item.modify).valueOf()) {
scriptColData.value = "No"; = "Never Modified";
scriptColData.sort = 2;
// the dates are different, therefore modified
else {
scriptColData.value = "Yes"; = "Modified";
scriptColData.sort = 1;