This is an example of a script dialog; it implements the dialog shown at the start of the Script Dialogs section. It makes use of a Tab control to host two child dialogs, and also demonstrates how to add and remove strings from a List Box control.

The Tab control has been configured to host two child dialogs; Interests and Favorite Books. Clicking the tabs lets you switch back and forth between the two pages.

Most of the dialog’s controls don’t actually do anything – only the Favorite Books tab has been implemented. If you switch to that tab you can enter a string in the Enter title field and click the Add button to add it to the list. Click an item in the list and click the Delete button to remove it.

This dialog also provides an example of a resizable dialog. You can make any dialog resizable, but it’s particularly useful when working with tabs, as it means the Tab control and the parent dialog can automatically size to fit the content displayed inside the tabs.

If you want to experiment with this example, create a new toolbar button (with the type to Script Function) and paste the script code into the Script Code tab of the command editor, and the resources XML into the Resources tab. All the following examples are written in VBScript.

Function OnClick(ByRef clickData)

    Set dlg = DOpus.Dlg
    dlg.window = clickData.func.sourcetab
    dlg.template = "person"
    dlg.detach = true

        Set msg = dlg.GetMsg()

        Select Case msg.control
            Case "add"
                ' get the string the user has entered
                str = dlg.Control("title", "books").value
                if Len(str) > 0 Then
                    ' add to the list box and clear the edit field
                    dlg.Control("books", "books").AddItem(str)
                    dlg.Control("title", "books").value = "" 
                End If 
            Case "del"
                ' get the selection from the list box
                sel = dlg.Control("books", "books").value
                if sel > -1 Then 
                    ' remove it from the list
                    dlg.Control("books", "books").RemoveItem(sel)
                End If 
        End Select 
    Loop While msg 
End Function
    <resource name="books" type="dialog">
        <dialog fontsize="0" height="100" lang="english" resize="yes" title="Favorite Books" width="180">
            <control height="83" name="books" resize="wh" type="listbox" width="176" x="2" y="2" />
            <control halign="left" height="12" name="title" resize="yw" tip="Enter title and press Add" type="edit" width="101" x="2" y="86" />
            <control height="12" name="add" resize="xy" title="Add" type="button" width="34" x="106" y="86" />
            <control height="12" name="del" resize="xy" title="Delete" type="button" width="35" x="143" y="86" />
    <resource name="interests" type="dialog">
        <dialog fontsize="0" height="100" lang="english" resize="yes" title="Interests" width="180">
            <control halign="left" height="96" multiline="yes" name="interests" readonly="yes" resize="wh" title="Nothing here yet :)\n" type="edit" width="176" x="2" y="2" />
    <resource name="person" type="dialog">
        <dialog fontsize="0" height="201" lang="english" resize="yes" standard_buttons="ok,cancel" title="Personal Information" width="153">
            <control halign="left" height="8" name="static1" title="Name:" type="static" width="21" x="11" y="7" />
            <control halign="left" height="12" name="name" tip="Enter your name" type="edit" width="106" x="39" y="6" />
            <control halign="left" height="8" name="static2" title="Age:" type="static" width="15" x="17" y="21" />
            <control halign="center" height="12" name="age" number="yes" title="Edit Control" type="edit" updown="yes" val_max="50" val_min="10" width="42" x="39" y="20" />
            <control halign="left" height="8" name="static3" title="Sex:" type="static" width="14" x="18" y="38" />
            <control height="10" name="f" title="Female" type="radio" width="34" x="39" y="37" />
            <control height="10" name="m" title="Male" type="radio" width="26" x="39" y="47" />
            <control height="10" name="o" title="Other" type="radio" width="29" x="39" y="57" />
            <control halign="left" height="8" name="static4" title="Country:" type="static" width="27" x="5" y="76" />
            <control height="40" name="country" type="combo" width="104" x="39" y="75">
                    <item text="Australia" />
                    <item text="UK" />
                    <item text="USA" />
                    <item text="Spain" />
                    <item text="France" />
                    <item text="Germany" />
                    <item text="China" />
                    <item text="Japan" />
            <control height="84" name="tab1" resize="wh" type="tab" width="138" x="7" y="94">
                    <tab dialog="interests" />
                    <tab dialog="books" />