This is an example of a rename script that adds an image file's resolution to its filename.

You would use this script through the Advanced Rename dialog (turn on the Script mode option to display the script editor). You could also embed the script in a button.

' Set the script type to VBScript to use this script
Option Explicit

' Main Rename entry point.
' The method is passed a GetNewNameData object for each file.
Function OnGetNewName ( ByRef GetNewNameData )
	Dim item, meta

	' Get the provided Item object from the GetNewNameData object's item property.
	Set item = GetNewNameData.item

	' Request its metadata. This will return a Metadataobject.
	Set meta = item.metadata

	' If the primary type of the meta data is "image" then we know it's an image file.
	If meta = "image" Then
		' Build and return the new name
		' This is made up of
		' - the "name stem" (the original filename minus the file extension)
		' - the image width and height, obtained from the ImageMeta object (which comes from the Metadata.image property)
		' - the original filename extension.
		OnGetNewName = item.name_stem & " (" & meta.image.picwidth & "x" & meta.image.picheight & ")" & item.ext
		' The item wasn't an image, so return True to skip it.
		OnGetNewName = True
	End If
End Function