Script add-ins are invoked in response to one or more events.

This is an example of a script add-in that responds to two different events. You would use this by creating a new .vbs file in the Script Addins folder (type /dopusdata/Script Addins into the location field to find this).

This example responds to both folder change (OnAfterFolderChange) and view mode change (OnDisplayModeChange) events.

In both cases, it checks if the current folder is the Pictures library (lib://Pictures or a child folder). If so, it automatically changes the sort mode based on the current view mode:

  • If the display is set to Thumbnails mode, the list will be sorted by date
  • Otherwise, the list will be sorted by name
' Set the script type to VBScript to use this script.
' The OnInit event is called by Directory Opus to initialize the script.
Function OnInit(ByRef initData)
    ' Provide basic information about the script. = "Example Event Script"
    initData.desc = "Script that shows an example of responding to events"
    initData.copyright = "(c) 2016 Jonathan Potter"
    initData.default_enable = True
End Function

' The OnAfterFolderChange event is called after a folder has been read
Function OnAfterFolderChange(ByRef afterFolderChangeData)
    ' The result property of the AfterFolderChangeData object tells us if the read was successful.
    If afterFolderChangeData.result Then
        ' Check if the path that was read begins with lib://Pictures
        If Left(, 14) = "lib://Pictures" Then
            ' The path matched, so call our CheckPictureSorting subroutine to update the sort mode if needed.
            ' We pass the Tab that the folder was read in as a parameter to the subroutine.
            Call CheckPictureSorting(
        End If
    End If
End Function

' The OnDisplayModeChange event is called whenever the view mode is changed.
Function OnDisplayModeChange(ByRef displayModeChangeData)
    ' The DisplayModeChangeData object gives us the Tab that the mode was changed in.
    ' See if the folder currently displayed in the tab is lib://Pictures or a sub-folder.
    If Left(, 14) = "lib://Pictures" Then
        Call CheckPictureSorting(
    End If
End Function

' This is a subroutine called by both the above events, and is passed a Tab object as a parameter.
' It creates a Command object and uses the IsSet method to see if the current view mode in the tab is Thumbnails.
' - If so, it uses the RunCommand method to sets the sort order to "modified date".
' - If not, it sets the sort order to "name".
Sub CheckPictureSorting(ByRef objTab)
    Set objCmd = DOpus.CreateCommand
    If objCmd.IsSet("VIEW=Thumbnails") Then
        objCmd.RunCommand("Set SORTBY=modified")
        objCmd.RunCommand("Set SORTBY=name")
    End If
    Set objCmd = Nothing
End Sub