The OnGetCopyQueueName event can be implemented by a script add-in to override the default copy queue behavior when the Automatically manage file copy queues option on the Copying Files page in Preferences is turned on. The event is passed the default copy queue name along with information relating to the copy operation. It can accept the default queue name, provide its own or disable queuing and run the operation immediately. 

Method Name: OnGetCopyQueueName

Argument Type:


Return Type:

string to provide a new queue name.
False to accept the default queue name.
True to bypass the queue and run the copy immediately.


The GetCopyQueueNameData.sourcetab and desttab properties identify the Tab objects involved in the copy operation, and the source and dest properties provide the source and destination Path objects.
The source_drives and dest_drives properties return a string consisting of 0 and 1 characters, indicating which physical drives are involved in the operation. For example, if drive A: was involved, the first character would be a 1, otherwise it would be a 0; if drive B: was involved, the second character would be a 1, and so on.
The name property indicates the default copy queue name, and move is True if the operation is a move rather than a copy.
You can accept the default name by returning False, or return the a new queue name to use. If you return True the queue will be bypassed.