The OnDoubleClick event can be implemented by a script add-in to receive notification when the user double-clicks on a file or folder in a tab.

By default your event handler is passed an Item object corresponding to the item that was double-clicked. Because constructing an Item object may take some time (e.g. on a network drive) you have the option for your handler to be called twice - once with only the path to the item, and a second time (if desired) with the full Item object. To do this:

  1. Set the ScriptInitData.early_dblclk property to True when you initialize your script.
  2. Your OnDoubleClick event will then be called with a the early property set to True in the DoubleClickData object.
  3. When early is True, the item property is not present; instead, the path property provides the full path of the object, and the is_dir property indicates whether the item is a folder or file.
  4. When the OnDoubleClick method returns, it will be called a second time, with early set to False and a full Item object available in the item property.
  5. If you sets the skipfull property to True in the DoubleClickData object at the "early" stage, the second call to OnDoubleClick doesn't occur.

Method Name: OnDoubleClick

Argument Type:


Return Type:

bool or string


The property identifies the tab, and the item property identifies the item that has been double-clicked.

You can return two different types from this event:

  • bool: If you return True, the double-click will be cancelled and the file will not be opened. If you return False the double-click will be allowed to continue (this is the default).
  • string: You can return a string to change the function to be performed on the file. For example, you could return the string "Show" to run the internal Show command on the file.