The OnScriptCommand event is the entry point for an internal command added by a script add-in. The actual name of the event is defined by the script itself, when the command is added via the ScriptInitData.AddCommand method - OnScriptCommand is merely a placeholder name.

Method Name: OnScriptCommand

Argument Type:


Return Type:



When a script add-in adds a new internal command using ScriptInitData.AddCommand, it specifies the name of its entry point with the ScriptCommand.method property. When the internal command is run, Opus will call that method within your script.
The ScriptCommandData.func property provides information about the command environment (including any parsed arguments), and the cmdline property provides the raw command line that invoked your command.
If this event returns True the function will be aborted - you might do this if an error occurs and the user chooses to abort the operation.