The OnBeforeFolderChange event can be implemented by a script add-in to receive notification before a new folder is read in a tab. Use the OnAfterFolderChange event if you want notification after a folder has been read.

Method Name: OnBeforeFolderChange

Argument Type:


Return Type:

bool or string


The property identifies the tab, and the path property identifies the folder about to be read. The initial property indicates if this is the first folder read into this tab - if True, it means the tab was previously empty or newly opened.

You can return two different types from this event:

  • bool: If you return True, the folder read will be blocked and the tab will be unchanged. If you return False the read will be allowed to continue (this is the default).
  • string: You can return a string (or a Path object) to change the folder path to be read.