The OnFileOperationComplete event can be implemented by a script add-in to receive notification when certain file operations have been completed. Currently the only file operation that supports this is the Rename command, but others may be added in the future. 

Receiving notifications is a two-step process. Opus will initially call your script to query whether you want notification for a particular operation. If you respond affirmatively, your script will be called again when the operation is complete.

Method Name: OnFileOperationComplete

Argument Type:


Return Type:

When the query property is set to True, return True to indicate that you want to be notified for this operation.


The first time this method is called the FileOperationCompleteData.query property will be set to True. You can look at the action and cmdline properties to decide if this is an operation you want notification for. Return True if so.

You'll then be called again with the query property set to False. The data property provides information about the operation that was completed.