The OnGetNewName event is one of the three alternate entry points for rename scripts. The other two events - Rename_GetNewName and Rename_GetNewName2, are deprecated should only be used for backwards compatibility with Opus 10.

Method Name: OnGetNewName

Argument Type:


Return Type:

bool or string


When using a rename script, the OnGetNewName event is called for every selected file and folder, giving the script a chance to modify the name.
The GetNewNameData.item property identifies the item being renamed. You can access the item's metadata and other information using the various Item properties.
The oldname property returns the "old name" pattern as entered by the user in the rename dialog. The newname property returns the proposed new name of the item. This represents the result of all the other non-scripted options in the rename dialog (capitalization, automatic numbering, etc).

You can return two different types from this event:

  • bool: If you return True, the item will not be renamed. If you return False (this is the default) the item will be renamed to the proposed new name (the newname property).
  • string: You can return a string to specify a new name for the item.