By default Opus displays the Images toolbar whenever a file display is set to Thumbnails mode (you can change this in Preferences).

  •  Rotate Left: Rotates selected image files left by 90 degrees.
  •  Rotate Right: Rotates selected image files right by 90 degrees.
  •  Convert: Clicking the main button opens the Image Conversion dialog for selected images. The drop-down menu contains command that let you quickly convert selected images to a particular format (JPG, PNG, BMP or GIF).
  •  Show: Displays selected image files in the standalone image viewer.
  •  Set Wallpaper: Displays a drop-down menu that lets you set the selected image file as your desktop wallpaper.
  •  Sort by name: Sorts the folder alphabetically (by name).
  •  Sort by date: Sorts the folder by last modified date.
  •  Sort by date taken: Sorts the folder by the "date taken" field. Any non-image files or those without a date taken field will be grouped at the bottom. These three sort buttons are provided to make it easy to quickly select commonly desired sorting options (because in Thumbnails mode the file display header isn't always displayed, which makes it harder to change the sort order).
  • The thumbnail size slider lets you adjust the size of the thumbnails in the current file display. The maximum thumbnail size defaults to 256 pixels, but you can adjust this through the Advanced Preferences page with the max_thumbnail_size setting.

    Double-clicking the slider resets the value to the default size set on the Thumbnails page in Preferences.

    The four buttons to the right of the slider let you quickly adjust the size to 32, 64, 128 and 256 pixels.