This toolbar contains the "traditional" drop-down menus, as well as controls for modifying the appearance of the Lister.

Left-hand side

On the left-hand side of this toolbar are several drop-down menus:

  • File: The File menu contains commands to open a new Lister, close the current one and exit the program. It also displays the context menu for the currently selected files.
  • Edit: The Edit menu contains mainly clipboard related commands. As well as the traditional Cut / Copy / Paste commands, there are also commands for copying the names of selected files or the current path to the clipboard in various formats. The Calculate Folder Sizes command calculates and displays the total sizes of selected folders. There are also commands for selecting files and folders (select all, select by pattern, etc).
  • FTP: The FTP menu displays your FTP address book entries, and lets you make an ad-hoc connection to an FTP site.
  • Tools: This menu contains commands for various tool or utility functions, including:
Right-hand side

On the right-hand side are the following menus and commands:

  • View: The View menu lets you switch between the various view modes in the current file display. It also contains sub-menus that let you modify the sorting and grouping of the current display.
  •  Details Mode: This button provides a shortcut to Details mode.
  •  Details + Thumbnails: This button provides a shortcut to Details + Thumbnails mode.
  •  Thumbnails Mode: This button provides a shortcut to Thumbnails mode.
  • Folder: The Folder menu contains commands to access the Folder Options dialog, and the Folder Formats system. If you have created any Favorite folder formats you can select them from this menu. This menu also contains commands to manipulate Folder Tabs, Flat ViewCheckbox Mode, Navigation Lock and various filtering commands.
  •  Flat View: This button lets you turn Flat View mode on or off. Clicking the button once puts the file display in Flat View Grouped mode, a second click puts it in Flat View Mixed mode, and a third click turns Flat View off. If you right-click the button a popup menu gives the additional option of Mixed (No Folders) mode.
  •  Navigation Lock: This button lets you turn Navigation Lock on or off.
  • Lister: The Lister menu contains commands to toggle the folder tree, metadata panel and status bar on or off, as well as displaying a list of your configured Lister Styles.
  •  Dual Horizontal: This button toggles dual display mode on or off, with horizontal layout.
  •  Dual Vertical: This button toggles dual display mode on or off, with vertical layout.
  •  Metadata Pane: This button toggles the metadata pane on or off.
  •  Viewer Pane: This button toggles the viewer pane on or off.
  • Finally the search field lets you perform a quick search of the current folder.