There are many different ways to open a Lister (or Listers), including:

  • When you start Opus from the desktop icon (or the icon pinned to the taskbar), a Lister will open.
  • If Explorer Replacement mode is enabled, double-clicking a folder on the desktop, or pressing the Win+E hotkey (even when Opus isn't running)
  • If double-click on the desktop is enabled, you can double-click on an empty spot on the desktop (even when Opus isn't running)
  • If the system tray icon is enabled, you can double-click on the system tray icon that Opus adds when it's running
  • You can set Opus to run on startup and automatically show a Lister when it does
  • You can load a saved Lister Layout from the desktop context menu or the Settings menu in an existing Lister
  • You can use one of the internal commands (like Go NEW) to open a Lister from a button or a hotkey (Win+Shift+E is assigned by default)

How you open your Listers really depends on you, and on how you want to work with Opus. You can configure Opus to always open a Lister when it starts up, keeping one open all the time - or to only open one when you need it. You can work with as many or as few Listers open at once as you like.