The Utility Panel is a multi-purpose panel that appears at the bottom of the Lister whenever certain functions are activated. It acts as a container for several different functions - various tools and log files are displayed that way.

When the utility panel is displayed, you can switch between its various modes using the dropdown in the title bar.


These are all accessed from the Tools menu:

  • Find Files: Lets you search your computer for files and folders.
  • Synchronize: Synchronize the contents of two different folders.
  • Find Duplicate Files: Search your computer for any duplicated files (or for duplicates of a specific file).

These are all accessed from the Help / Logs menu.

  • FTP Log: Displays FTP site activity.
  • File Log: Displays a log of file actions (files copied, deleted, renamed, etc). You can configure the file log from the File Operations / Logging Preferences page.
  • Undo Log: Displays the most recent file actions that can be undone (e.g. if a file has been deleted to the recycle bin, you can recover the file).
  • Email Log: Displays a log of any outgoing email that Opus has sent.
  • Script Log: Displays output from scripts and the evaluator.
Shrinking the panel

The panel has a button in the top-right corner which shrinks (collapses) it down to just its title bar - this can be useful if, for example, you're running a long find operation and want to do other work while you're waiting.

Right-click the shrink button to show a context menu which lets you select whether the panel should be automatically shrunk when an operation starts. You can choose this separately for find, synchronize and find duplicates.