Note that the Edit Control uses the Title property to set its default value. The specific properties applicable to the Edit Control are:

  • Edit Type: Sets the type of the edit control. The available types are:
    • Single line: Allows the entry of a single line of text.
    • Multiline: Lets you enter multiple lines of text. When the cursor is on this type of control, pushing the Return key will insert a line break in the text.
    • Number: Allows the entry of a positive, whole number.
    • Password: Designed for password entry, this control type obscures the text you type into it.
  • Cue Text: Specifies a “cue” string that’s displayed by the control when it’s empty (i.e. to provide a hint to the user as to what they should enter). Only available in Single line mode.
  • Read Only: Set to True to make the control “read only” – text in it can be viewed, selected and copied, but not edited.
  • Max Length: Sets the maximum length in characters that can be entered into the control. If empty (or set to 0) there will be no limit on the amount of text that can be entered.
  • Up/Down Control: Set to True to give a Number control a set of up/down arrows that the user can click to adjust the value.
  • Minimum Value: Sets the minimum acceptable value the Up/Down control will allow the user to enter.
  • Maximum Value: Sets the maximum acceptable value the Up/Down control will allow the user to enter.