The commands on the dialog editor toolbar are:

  • Edit: Contains the standard cut/copy/paste/undo edit commands.
  •  (Test): Lets you test your design as a real dialog from within the editor.
  •  (Align Left, Right, Top, Bottom): Align multiple controls to the same edge.
  •  (Center Horizontally, Vertically): Center multiple controls in the dialog.
  •  (Space Evenly Across, Down): Evenly space multiple controls.
  •  (Make Same Width, Height, Size): Make multiple controls the same size.
  •  (Grid): Display a grid. By default, control positions will snap to this grid. The grid size is configurable through the Edit menu.
  •  (Tab Order): Define the tab order of the controls in the dialog.
  •  (Check Mnemonics): Check for clashing & mnemonics in the dialog controls, and auto-assign them if wanted.
  •  (Language Overlays): Create one or more language overlays for the dialog (lets you provide different versions of the same dialog in other languages).