The Assets panel in the script editor is where you view and manage the various files and resources that are part of your script.

  • Packaged scripts (those with a .osp suffix) support multiple script code files (each of which can contain embedded resources like dialogs and strings), and image and icon files.
  • Single file scripts (i.e. a .js or .vbs file) supported embedded resources.

The panel has three tabs (two in the case of single file scripts):

  • Scripts: Lists the individual code files that make up this script. For a single file script, this list will contain just a single item (the file itself). A packaged script can contain multiple code files, and they will be listed separately. Each individual code file can be split up into modules, and these are shown indented under their primary file.
  • Resources: Shows any dialogs or language string sets that have been embedded in any of the code files that make up the script.
  • Other: For script packages, shows any icon sets or image files that the package contains.

To add or manage assets a script's assets, right-click on the item in question, or use the commands in the Assets drop-down menu.