The SmartFavorites system attempts to learn which folders you most often use and display them in the Favorites menu automatically. You can also optionally show them in the folder tree.

SmartFavorites are based on a points system. A number of points are allocated to certain activities that are performed in folders, and Opus keeps track of the points that individual folders have earned. When a folder's points exceeds a configurable limit it is deemed an important folder, and will appear in the SmartFavorites list.

  • Enable SmartFavorites system: You can use this option to turn SmartFavorites off if you don't want to use this function.
  • Check on startup for folders that no longer exist: Opus will launch a low-priority background task when it starts to check for folders in the reference table that no longer exist.
  • Display at most: This is the maximum number of folders that will be displayed in the Favorites menu. Folders will be displayed in order based on their accrued points.
  • With at least: The number of activity points that a folder must earn before it is considered important.
  • Reference table: The number of folders that Opus tracks activity points for - the topmost folders from this table are the ones that will be displayed. The Clear button lets you clear the reference table.

At the bottom of the page is a list of activities. You can adjust their points values here if needed.