This page lets you edit your Favorites list. The Favorites list can be displayed in several places (the folder tree, a menu, etc.) and a branch of it can also be shown on a toolbar kind of like the "Bookmarks" bar in a web browser.

You can add as many folders to this list as you like, and they can be arranged in branches (sub-folders) if desired. You can also assign hotkeys to the folders from the list, which lets you access a folder by pressing a key without having to define a separate hotkey for it.

Use the toolbar buttons above the list to create and manage your favorites. The dropdown menu attached to the New button lets you create four different things:

  • A favorite folder (i.e. an entry in the favorites list)
  • A branch (lets you organise your favorites into folders / sub-menus)
  • A separator (separates groups of favorites in the same list with a horizontal line)
  • A heading (separates groups of favorites with a text heading)

When you edit a favorite (double-click it, or select it and click the Edit button) you can assign a name to the favorite, assign a hotkey that lets you access the favorite folder from the keyboard, and also change the path that the favorite refers to.

By default the favorites list isn't sorted, and new favorites are added to the bottom of the list. You can use the Sort button to sort the list at any time, or turn on the Automatically sort newly added Favorites option at the bottom of the page to have new favorites sorted automatically.

If you put & before a character in a favorite's name, that character will become an accelerator key. For example, if you name a favorite &Videos and then open the Favorites menu, the V key will activate that item. This is different to adding a hotkey to a favorite: Accelerators only work when the menu is open, while hotkeys are always active even if the menu is closed. If you wish to use a literal & character in your label, use two next to each other: Cats && Dogs will display as Cats & Dogs in the menu.