The recent list is an Opus-wide list of your most recently used folders, displayed by default in the Back button's right-click menu. The options here let you control how many folders are saved in this list:

  • Enable the recent list: Enables or disables the recent list.
  • Maximum size: Specify how many folders are remembered. When the limit is exceeded, the oldest folder is removed from the list when a new folder is visited or used.
  • Include virtual folders: Allows virtual folders like This PC to be added to the recent list.
  • Ignore filesystem folders that are only transited: A folder will only be added to the recent list if you actually do something in it. If you simply pass through a folder on your way to somewhere else, it won't be added to the list.
History List

The history list is similar to the recent list except it's per-tab, not global. It's the list of folders you move through when you click the Back and Forward buttons.

The option at the bottom of the page lets you configure the maximum size of the history list.