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New movie player based on modern APIs:

If you don't see the new player for a video, grab the appropriate codec from Microsoft:

Can go full-screen from preview pane, and also plays audio files with cover art:

Separate options to auto-play/mute video and audio files:

Microsoft Edge can be used for Web and SVG content in the preview pane:

Edge (and other viewers) can also be used for PDF:

Turn a second monitor into a full-screen preview pane, with Lister-Linked viewers:

Full-screen viewer includes buttons to move to another monitor (click top of screen for toolbar):

Push F3 to cycle black and white backgrounds:

Go to image GPS coordinates via configurable mapping services:

Hold Space while selecting to move the start point:

Support for DirectDraw Surface (DDS) images:

Support for AVIF (AV1) images:

(Check your AVIF works in Windows Photos first, as it may need to download a codec from Microsoft.)

Image Converter

New UI, with support for presets, which save the whole dialog's setup:

Access presets directly from the file display:

Custom sizes can be added so you don't have to type them each time:

Crop batches of files:

Lossless JPEG rotation isn't new, but can now be turned off in the UI, allowing you to force recompression (e.g. for smaller files):

Metadata Display

Overhauled display of video metadata, now using MediaInfo:

Selected and total duration now on the default status bar when similar columns in use, without triggering calculation when not.

Metadata Editing

Support for ID3v2 tags in WAV files:

Option for decimal GPS input:

Options for handling of changes to multi-value fields, and pop-up suggestions based on previous tags:

Music Genre list can be edited:

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