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Highlights Video

A video version of these highlights is on our YouTube channel.

Dark Mode and Themes

Dark Mode, Light Mode, Any Colors You Like Mode. For the whole program.

(This manual also has dark mode! Use Toggle Theme at the top.)

Built-in Dark and Light themes:

Hundreds of adjustable colors:

Instant color changes:

Make Windows 11's scrollbars look like Windows 10's:


Change more fonts, including dialogs and tooltips:

File Copying

Performance improvements, and support for server-side copy offload. (See Detailed release notes: File Copying for particulars.)

Improved progress dialog and queue UI:

Destination placeholders for files about to be copied:

Everything's search index can be used within Opus.

Search by name below the current folder, or across all indexed drives at once, with immediate results:

Instant folder size calculation when indexed:

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