These options control image marking in the standalone viewer.

  • Check for marked pictures when viewer is opened: The viewer will check if any images in the folder have already been marked in a previous session.
  • Display Marked Pictures pane when a picture is marked: When you mark an image in the viewer, the Marked Pictures pane will open automatically. If this option is turned off you can still open the pane manually.
  • Save marked images to a file collection: By default, Opus records images you mark to a file collection. This option lets you configure the name of that collection. The default, Marked Pictures\%F uses %F to insert the name of the current folder. You can also use %D to insert the current date. If you turn this option off, the viewer will use checkbox mode in the parent Lister to indicate images that you mark.
    • Ask for collection name: The viewer will prompt you to enter a name for the collection when you begin a new marking session.
    • Open collection when viewer is closed: After you mark some images and close the viewer, the collection will be automatically opened in a new tab.