This page lets you configure the keys that invoke the various modes of the Find-As-You-Type field (FAYT) and the Filter Bar.

For each of the FAYT modes you can configure a different text and background color, which can provide an important visual cue as to which mode the field is in. For most modes you can also configure the activation key - the key that you press in the file display to show the bar in that mode. For example, the default key for Command mode is > so pressing > in a file display would open the FAYT in Command mode.

The Default column indicates which option is the "default" - that is, what happens if you press a key that's not one of the configured keys. The default is Find mode, which means if you press, say, the A key, the FAYT will open in Find mode and the selection will jump to the first filename beginning with an A. The activation key field is hidden for the default mode.

To set a new default mode, or change key or colors simply click on the item in the list.

Some of the modes also have options of their own, indicated by an arrow glyph:

Click the mode's name to access the options dropdown.