This page lets you define and edit filters that can be used by various functions in Opus (for example, Copy File and Delete can use filters to control which files in sub-folders are affected, the Advanced Find tool uses filters to define what to search for, etc.). While you can usually edit filters directly when using them in the various functions, this page provides a central repository of stored filters.

Use the toolbar buttons at the top of the page to manage filters:

  • Add a new filter
  • Duplicate an existing filter
  • Rename a filter
  • Assign a description to a filter
  • Delete a filter
  • Edit as text: Switches the filter editor to text mode.

Filters that you create in here will be available for selection via a drop-down list in the various tools that use them, and some commands also accept the name of a pre-defined filter given via command line argument.

For instructions on how to actually define a filter, please see the Filtered Operations page.