This page contains various options that apply to archive handling in general, irrespective of the archive format.

  • Open archives as read-only by default: If this is turned on, when you navigate to an existing archive it will automatically be treated as read-only by Opus. You will not be able to make changes to the contents of the archive without turning off read-only mode. (This works with the internal Zip support as well as 7z, RAR, TAR, etc. archives handled by the official Archives plugin. Support within third-party VFS plugins may vary.)
  • Packed column units: When you are viewing the contents of a zip file in a file display you can add several zip-specific columns to the file display, including the Packed column. This column displays the compressed or "packed" size of files within the archive. You can use this option to change the units the Packed column displays file sizes in (bytes, KB or auto - which means Opus chooses the most appropriate unit automatically).

Auto-extract lets you run installers directly from an archive by double-clicking the setup file.

  • Auto-extract archive contents on double-click: Turn this on to have Opus automatically extract the full contents of the archive to a temporary folder when you double-click on a file within the archive. This is most useful for archives containing installers - if you double-click on the enclosed Setup.exe program you would normally want all the other files of the archive extracted as well in order for the installer to run successfully.
  • Prompt before extracting: Before the contents of the archive are automatically extracted, Opus will prompt you for confirmation.
  • Extensions: This specifies the file extensions that auto-extract works on. Normally you wouldn't add anything to this list other than .exe for executable files.
  • Qualifier key: You can optionally use the drop-down to have auto-extract only take effect when the specified qualifier key is held down.