This page lets you create and edit labels - combinations of colors and font styles that you can apply to files and folders. Any file or folder can be assigned a label, and you can use wildcards or filters to automatically label based on filename (so, for example, you could automatically label all your .doc files).

  • Label: Specify the name for the label. This will be shown in the Label column for any files it's assigned to, and also used in generated label lists in toolbars and menus (e.g. the Properties dropdown menu in the default toolbars).
  • Category: You can arrange your labels in categories - the list on the left groups your labels into two categories by default (Colors and Status) but you can also add your own.
  • Bold, Italic, Underline: Applies the checked styles to files with this label.
  • Unselected text: Specify the unselected text and background colors for files with this label.
  • Selected text: The selected text and background colors for files with this label.
  • Icon color: Tints the file icon with the specified color.
  • File icon: Override the file icon.
  • Status icon: Adds a status icon for files with this label (shown in the Status column).
  • Show in Label column: Prevents the label from being shown in the Label column.
  • Pin to top: Files with this label will be sorted to the top of the list automatically (NTFS filesystems only).

Note tha the selected text and background colors defined by a label won't be used if items are displayed using visual styles, unless Visual styles override file selection colors is turned off on the Color Blending page.