The Drop Menu tab lets you add commands to the drag and drop menu for files and folders. This is the menu that's displayed when you drag a file with the right mouse button and drop it. For example, Opus uses this system to display the "standard" drop menu items of Copy Here, Move Here and Create Shortcut(s) Here, via the All files and folders file type.


Configuration of the drop menu for file types is very similar to that of the Context Menu for file types - please see the Context Menu page for a more thorough description of the context menu configuration process. The main difference between the drop menu and the context menu is that the drop menu only supports Opus-only context menu items - that is, only Run an Opus function or Sub-menu items can be added to the drop menu.

As an example of one use for the drop menu, you could add a command to automatically make a softlink (Vista and above only) to a file or folder when you drag it with the right button and drop it somewhere. Locate the All files and folders file type and edit it, and then on the Drop Menu tab click the New button to add a new menu item.


For the Action we have specified Create Softlink Here - this is the label that will be displayed in the drop menu. The Type is set to Run an Opus function, and the Function definition uses following command:

Copy MAKELINK=softlink HERE

This uses the internal Copy command with arguments necessary to create a softlink in the target folder.

If you click OK to save the new drop menu command, and then drag and drop a file with the right mouse button, you should see your new command on the drop menu:

Creating a softlink requires Administrator privileges so don't be alarmed if you get a UAC prompt as a result of trying this command.

You could also adapt the PNG conversion example shown for the Events page for use in the drop menu. For example:


Adding these commands (in a sub-menu) to the drop menu for the Images file type group would give you access to a set of convenient image conversion commands simply by dragging an image with the right mouse button and dropping it in the target folder. 


You can see that as well as the new Convert Format menu, the drop menu also shows the Create Softlink Here command that we created above. Even though they were added to different file types (Convert Format was added to the Images group, whereas Create Softlink Here was added to the All files and folders file type) they are both displayed, because both file types applied to the file we dragged. If you dragged a non-image file, the Convert Format menu would not be shown.