You can use the evaluator in the status bar to insert text returned by the evaluation.

Use the {= ... =} code to insert an evaluation expression. The expression between the {= and the =} markers can span multiple lines if needed. The return value of the expression is inserted into the status bar.

In this evaluation context, the following variables are available:

Variable Type Description

status code


All the status bar codes are available as variables in this evaluation context (other than those that generate images or graphs).

Note that some keywords may use characters like a : that aren't valid in variable names - to access them, use the Val function.



Indicates which side of a dual Lister this evaluation clause is being run for. Possible values are 0 (single display), 1 (left/top) and 2 (right/bottom).



Returns the current path the status bar is displaying information for.

The return value should be a str that will be inserted into the status bar.