Single-click is an optional setting that changes the way files are selected with the mouse. It makes files behave kind of like links on a web page - files are opened with a single-click instead of a double-click, and you can select a file simply by hovering over it with the mouse. Some users prefer this way of working as it reduces the number of mouse clicks (especially double-clicks) that you need to do.

Single-click can be enabled with the Single click to open an item option on the File Displays / Mouse Preferences page. This option has no effect in Power mode, but in all other view modes, the behaviour of the mouse is modified as follows:

  • If you move the mouse over an item and remain there for more than half a second or so, the item will be automatically selected, and all other items are deselected.
  • You can select multiple items by hovering with the Ctrl key held down. You can also range select using the Shift key. Effectively this is the same behaviour as normal, except you don't actually click to perform the selection - simply hovering over a file is enough.
  • If you click on an item with the left button the item will be opened (equivalent to double-clicking on it normally).