The File Type Summary shows you a simple graphical representation of the file types in the current folder.

This can be shown in two ways. The first, and easiest, is to hover the mouse over the part of the status bar that shows file type information:

This shows the summary in a popup tooltip like so:

The second way is via an interactive dialog, which you can access by left-clicking that same part of the status bar. If you don't have that file type information on your status bar, you can also access it using the FileType SUMMARY internal command, which you could add to a button or hotkey.

Interactive summary

The interactive summary has a few options that let you change how the information is presented.

  • Selected files: Display summary only of selected files
  • All files: Display summary of all files
  • File count: Summary represents number of files
  • File size: Summary represents total size of files
  • Extensions: Summary is based on file extensions
  • Groups: Summary is based on file type groups