The End-user License Conditions apply to home and small-business users of Directory Opus 13, with a maximum of ten installations under the one license.

For bulk purchasers under the GPSoftware Open License Plan, or academic volume licenses, see the Volume License Conditions.

Program Certificate
  • Purchasers of Directory Opus 13 will receive an encrypted program certificate, which must be installed to activate the software.
  • This certificate is valid for the original purchaser only and is not transferable.
  • You accept responsibility for any and all program certificates issued by GPSoftware to you.
Number Of Installations
  • A Directory Opus 13 license is available for single or multiple installations.
  • Directory Opus 13 may only be installed on the number of physical machines specified by the program license and associated program certificate.
  • Additionally, you may install Directory Opus 13 on one laptop, owned by you, in addition to the number of installs allowed by your license.

    For example, this means that if you have purchased a two install license you may install Directory Opus on two computers of any type plus one personal laptop.

  • You may install Directory Opus 13 on an unlimited number of virtual machines as long as the host machine has a valid license.
  • You may not share a license with other people. A multiple install license only allows for installation on multiple computers at a single site.
USB Export license
  • An optional USB export license is available for an additional fee.
  • Purchase of this license entitles you to install Directory Opus 13 on a USB stick, for use on computers at other sites.
  • You may only install Directory Opus 13 on the number of USB sticks for which you have purchased licenses.
  • You must not sell or transfer USB sticks containing your licensed copy of Directory Opus 13 to any other person.
Advanced FTP license
  • The optional Advanced FTP feature requires an additional fee to activate it.
  • This fee must be paid per-machine. For example, a dual install license requires the purchased of a dual FTP subsidiary license.
Technical Support
  • Purchase of Directory Opus 13 entitles you to free technical support via the Directory Opus Resource Centre (
  • Technical support is ordinarily via this channel only. There is no general email or telephone support available.
  • Depending on the exact nature of the license purchased, you may be entitled to technical support via other channels.
Program Updates
  • Directory Opus is under continual development and updates containing bug fixes, enhancements and new features are released regularly.
  • These updates are made available to existing customers on an annual subscription basis.
  • Initial purchase of Directory Opus 13 (whether a brand new license, or an upgrade from an earlier version) includes a free 12 month update subscription.
  • Renewal of update subscription will be via the GP Software website. GP Software may also introduce an automatic renewal service in the future.
  • Your license to use the software remains valid and you can continue to use Directory Opus 13 indefinitely after the expiration of the update subscription period, but you will not be able to install further updates unless the subscription is renewed.
  • Directory Opus 13 is © Copyright and a trademark of GPSoftware.
  • You may not redistribute Directory Opus 13 or any accompanying serial numbers or program certificates to any person, organization or third party without the prior written consent of GPSoftware.
  • You may not use, copy or transfer the program or manual, or a copy thereof, in whole or in part, except as expressly provided. You may not hire or lease the software to a third party.
License Termination
  • This license is effective unless terminated. This license may be terminated immediately without notice from GPSoftware if you fail to comply with any provision of this license.
  • Upon knowledge or notification of termination you must immediately uninstall and destroy Directory Opus 13 and all copies thereof, and any and all program certificates that have been issued to you.
  • GPSoftware reserves the remotely deactivate program certificates upon evidence of breach of these conditions.