The Document Properties fields that the metadata editor supports apply primarily to Office documents (Word, Excel, etc.). Some fields are supported for PDF files, and some document fields also apply to image and music files.

  • Authors: This field lets you specify one or more authors of the document. Note that when this field is displayed for a music or a video file it is labelled as Artists instead of Authors, and will be grouped with the other Music or Video Properties instead of in a separate Document Properties category.
  • Category: Specify a category for the document, for example "Documents from my manager".
  • Company: Specify the name of the company that owns or authored the document.
  • Content Status: The status of the document, for example "Draft" or "Final".
  • Content Type: The type of the content, for example "Status Report".
  • Copyright: Specify a copyright notice for the document.
  • Language: Specify the primary language the document is in, for example "English".
  • Last saved by: The name of the person who last saved the document. This is usually updated automatically when you save a document in Word, etc.
  • Manager: In an office setting, the manager of the team or organisational unit that created the document.
  • Subject: A description of the document's subject, for example the name of the project it is being written for.
  • Title: The document's title.