Copy-and-paste (or cut-and-paste) is possibly the simplest method of moving files around.

  1. Select the files you want to copy or move, choose the Copy (Ctrl+C) or Cut (Ctrl+X) command from the Edit menu
  2. Navigate to the target folder, and select Paste (Ctrl+V).

Moving files using the clipboard is implemented in almost all file managers the same way, although Opus does extend this functionality in a few ways, which it's worth being aware of.

Copy queues

Although these functions use the internal Clipboard command to initiate them, when you paste files into a Lister, the actual file copy or move is implemented "behind-the-scenes" using the internal Copy command.

This means that features like the copy queue are available for clipboard operations just like they are when copying via the toolbar buttons.

You can control the queuing using the various arguments for the Clipboard command.

Pasting text and graphics data

If the clipboard contains text or graphics data, you can paste that in a Lister as if it were a real file. Opus will create a new file and write the clipboard data to it automatically.

  • Text data will be written to a file called Clipboard Text.txt
  • Graphical data will be written to a file called Clipboard Image.jpg

You can modify the format that graphics data is saved in (Bitmap, GIF, PNG or JPG) using the clipboard_image_paste option on the Miscellaneous / Advanced page in Preferences. You can also use the clipboard_image_paste_dpi option to have the pasted image scaled automatically to compensate for the system DPI.

The name of the new file can be controlled using the various arguments for the Clipboard command.

Incremental clipboard

The ADD argument for the internal Clipboard command lets you add selected files to any that are already on the clipboard. For example, you could copy a few files from one folder, a few from another folder, and a few from a third folder, and then paste them all into the destination in one go.

To make use of this functionality, you would need to create a new toolbar button or hotkey that runs the Clipboard COPY ADD command (or assign this to a hotkey - for example, Ctrl+C runs Clipboard COPY by default, so you could assign this to Ctrl+Shift+C).

See the section on Customize for information about creating your own buttons and hotkeys.