Changes you make to the behaviour of a filter field via its drop-down menu are not permanent - if you close the Lister and open a new one, the field will be reset to its default settings. You can change these defaults by editing the filter field in Customize mode.


Select Customize from the Settings menu, and then right-click on the filter field (it will have reverted to a simple frame - see the discussion on Field Buttons for more information on this) and choose Edit. The Args field in the command editor dialog is used to provide various comma-separated keywords that define the default behaviour of the filter field. The available keywords are:

  • files: Set the field to edit the Folder Options Filename filter (affects the Show Filter by default).
  • folders: Set the field to edit the Folder Options Folders filter (affects the Show Filter by default).
  • both: Set the field to edit both the Folder Options Filename and Folders filters.
  • hide: In conjunction with any of the above three arguments, this will make the filter affect the Folder Options Hide Filter instead of the Show Filter.
  • nopartial: Disables the Partial Match option.
  • norealtime: Disables the Filter in Real Time option.
  • noautocontent: Disables the Auto-content option.